Join us on a fantastic learning experience to Finnmark – the Arctic Norway! Birdwatching in the old forests of Pasvik valley, and the coastal landscapes of Varanger

June every year, as long as there are enough participants

We start and end the trip in Kirkenes, and the teaching is in English. Vi first drive south through the 100 km long Pasvik valley, where the Norwegian, finnish and Russian borders meat. Pasvik has vast areas of marshland and virgin forests, and we look for various species here before we return north towards Varangerbotn, spectacular Ekkerøy and Hornøya. We will se lots of seabirds and mountain species, and we will visit many localities on the way. Experienced guides and teachers are joining us to give you the bests knowledge about the birds we find in this area. We search for species like Pine grosbeak, spotted redshank, lapland longspur, arctic warbler, shorelark, king eider, phalaropes, and many others. Are we also lucky enough to spot the rare snowy owl?

The cost for the whole trip is 350 Euro / 3800 NOK per personflights and food not included. You pay this in front of the trip. This price includes hotel-standard accommodation (single rooms, or 2-3 persons per room which is cheaper), transport in rental cars and the boat out to Hornøya bird island.

You pay flights to and from Kirkenes airport yourself. You pay for all meals yourself. We will regularily stop by grocery stores underway, and you will have the possibility to both cook dinner at the accomodation or eat at restaurants in the evening. Prices may vary, but restaurant dinner prices are usually +- 30 EUR. Cooking at the accomodation is cheaper. Guide and teacher are paid by Nord University, securing high quality and as economic trip as possible for the students. 

The fieldcourse is open for all nationalities, and we only require that you pass the exams in Western palearctic bird sound and picture before you can send your application for the trip.

The students are given admission to the field study according to the date of application. There is no deadline for sending an application, but we start filling up the class every November. There might be several rounds of admission, if we have too few applicants.


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