What happens when you have finished the exam?

We have a deadline for evaluationg your exam within three weeks. Your result will be sent to you in English. The results from the exam will remain strictly confidential and only be passed on to you at the provided address. In Norway, study credits for the exam in BirdID are used as part of both Bachelor and Master studies at universities and university colleges.

When you pass the pre-course on national level, you will find a diploma on “My Profile” that documents your achieved results. When you pass the Western Palearctic exams, you will recieve a transcript of records with ECTs.

If you pass at least one of the Western Palearctic exams, you will receive a t-shirt with the BirdID logo, free of charge. Please fill in the information concerning your sex and size when you register for the exam, and note the sizes are a bit small. It may be wise to choose one size larger from what you normally wear.

Grades are given on a scale from A to F, where E is the minimum to pass. To pass it is required to achieve at least about 24 points for the national courses, and 19-24 points for the WP-exams. Note that the grading table is indicative, and your answers will be manually assessed by an examiner.

NB: Wrong answer gives -1 point. It may be smarter to answer “don`t know” than to guess!


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