For students outside of Norway we offer a course on national level, and exams on Western Palearctic level

Are you interested in doing online studies, but you are not from Norway, or lack a norwegian personal number? Then we can offer the follwing:


National level pictures0BirdID Western Palearctic pictures30
National level sounds0BirdID Western Palearctic sounds30


From 2019 we demand that all students must pass a course in national bird sounds and appearance before they can take the formal exams on Western Palearctic level. This course replaces the previous national formal exams. You will be granted a diploma after finishing the course, but the course gives no ECTs. There is no English language demand for the course. It is possible to take the course without taking the WP-exam, but it is not possible to take the WP-exam without the course.


For students that are not Norwegian or lack a norwegian personal number, we offer two formal exams in Western Palearctic bird sounds and bird apperance. The course in bird sound and picture on national level is required before you can take the exams. You must document your english-skills to take these exams. These are the following exam subjects:

BID2001 – Western Palearctic Bird Apperance       30 ECT
BID2002 – Western Palearctic Bird Sounds             30 ECT

The exam programme consists of
            – Passed 10 rounds of exam-mode
            – Formal exam
            – Possibility to participate in field course after the exams are passed



The exam works the same way as the exam mode

For picture exam there is no multiple choice, write the names yourself

For sound exam there is multiple choice

National course must be passed before you can take the exam for the Western Palearctic

It is not recommended to do the exam on mobile devices without a physical keyboard

Always test the quiz in exam mode on your device, to see if it works like it should

When you pass your 10th “Exam mode” exercise, your approved exam will be activated. It must then be completed within 10 days



1 june for spring term
1 december for autumn term




Nord University is phasing out national formal exams with ETCs for foreign students. There is now a transision period before we can fully deny all previous students admission to retake their earlier formal exam attempts, and the following rules set by Nord University apply:

If you are already a student at BirdID Nord University, and have taken one or more exams of

– Bird apperance (pictures) for your country 15 STP
– Bird sounds for your country 15 STP

by the old system, you can retake your exams maximum two semester later than when you got accepted as a student. There are some guidlines to follow:

1) If you want to retake an exam you passed, or retake an exam you didnt sign up for within your study period, you can do so for two consecutive semesters. We do not grant admission to retake an exam you already passed, if more than two semesters have passed since you started the study programme.

2) If you want to retake an exam you failed, you can do so for an extra semester, which will give you three semester total in study periode.


As an example, if you got accepted and started your study period spring 2018, you have the right to study for two semesters until the end of fall 2018 (Spring18 + Fall18). Only if you fail an exam you are allowed to retake this exam on a following third semester (=spring 2019 in this example).

In addition to this there are 3 lifetime attempts for any exam, and there must be at least 3 months between each exam attempt within the same subject.

After june 2020 we do not offer retakes in national exams with ECTs for previous foreign students anymore. If you do not fulfill the requirements above, you can apply for the new national courses without ETCs, which is almost the same. Information about this is given at the top of the page.