For students outside of Norway we offer two exams on national level, and two exams on Western Palearctic level

(Er du norsk student? Velg norsk språk øverst i høyre hjørnet for å få korrekt informasjon som gjelder norske studenter)


National level pictures15*BirdID Western Palearctic pictures15*
National level sounds15*BirdID Western Palearctic sounds15*

*formal exams with ECT’s are available for students from all countries, but if you are from outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) you must pay full study tuition fee. More information on this is found here. Switzerland is exempt from this rule. For students within EU/EEA/Switzerland, study expenses are covered and studying is free.



For students that are not Norwegian or lack a norwegian personal number, we offer two formal exams in bird pictures and bird sounds, in your own country. These exams are required to pass before you move on to the exams in Western Palearctic bird sounds and bird
apperance. You must document your english-skills to take these exams. and meet the general admission requirements. These are the following exam subjects:

The exam program consists of
            – Passed 10 rounds of exam-mode
            – Formal exam
            – Possibility to participate in field course after the WP exams are passed



The exam works the same way as the exam mode

For picture exam there is no multiple choice, write the names yourself

For sound exam there is multiple choice

National exams must be passed before you can take the exams for the Western Palearctic region

It is not recommended to do the exam on mobile devices without a physical keyboard

Always test the quiz in exam mode on your device, to see if it works like it should before attempting the formal exam

When you pass your 10th “Exam mode” exercise, your approved exam will be activated. It must then be completed within 10 days



1 may for spring term
1 november for autumn term


1 june for spring term
1 december for autumn term



For a few years, we have offered the possibility to take an informal course at our website, that grants a diploma but no ECT’s. This practice will end 10.02.2024. This means that all students who sign up for a course/exam after this date must meet all necessary admission requirements for Nord University to be able to take our exams. All exams yield ECTs.