The best way to learn how to identify birds is to go out and see them!

Imagine spending a week in one of Western Palearctics most abundant bird sites, together with experienced guides that can offer you the possibility to see and explore bird species you never saw before! With BirdID you can travel to Norway, Bulgaria and Marocco – all to a very low price.


While commercial birding tours usually demand very high prices, travelling with Nord University is affordable to most people. All we ask is that you take the formal exams in Western Palearctic bird sound and appearance before you join the trips. In this way we ensure low costs, that you get the maximum out of the study programme, and sit back with lots of new knowledge at the end. Click on the destinations below for more information about each course.

  • First you have to pass the exams in Western Palearctic bird sound and appearance
  • Thereafter you choose to participate in as many of the destinations as you like, whenever you like
  • If you participate in a course twice, you pay full price the second time
  • Usually 2 guides and 10 students per tour
  • Teachers and guides are paid by Nord University
  • You only pay for flights, transport, accomodation and food

    The Western Palearctic field course is open for students from any nationality. If you are searching for the norwegian field course within Norway, click here.