For non-norwegian citizens there is no fee for the online course and exams. If you are norwegian, you have to pay a semester fee

If you have at least one non-norwegian citizenship, you are dismissed from the semester fee

Please allow 14-21 workdays for administration of your application. For foreign applicants, it may take some time to evaluate the documentation

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If you lack a norwegian personal number, you can take the course on national level, which grants 0 ECTs. Thereafter you can take the two exams in Western Palearctic birds, and achieve 2 x 30 ECTs, in total 60 ECTs

Yes,  you have to pass the Western Palearctic exams before you can join the field courses. Field courses are not mandatory

No problem, you choose yourself how many excursions you wish to participate in

Is you adress correct? Check your adress on My Page. T-shirts are sent from Norway, so the delivery time may be long for certain countries

The quiz is working fine on mobile devices, but there is still a problem with exam mode and exam on iOS. We do not recommend to do the exam on mobile devices. If the exam mode doesn’t work on your device, then the exam will not either!

Error that can arise if you change password, or press two times on “password forgotten” and THEN try to log in with an expired token. Always press the link in the laters email you recieved from us. If you still cannot log in, press “password forgotten” ONE time, and wait for a new verification email

You sign up again, but it is not necessary to send the documentation one more time. You have 3 lifetime attempts for every exam, and you must wait 3 months between each try

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