We recieve many questions about the three field trips to Norway, Bulgaria and Morocco we arrange every year during spring, and how this stands with regard to the ongoing pandemic.

All field courses in 2020 was cancelled. The approved participants for 2020 will have priority for next years trips. We do not know yet if our field courses are possible to arrange in 2021, as the corona virus is still present. We follow the recomendations from our government, and for Bulgaria and Morocco. We have field course participants from all over the world, and must take this into concideration when arranging a trip to another country, if corona is still an issue.

To be allowed to participate in our field courses, we demand that you pass all four courses/exams in our study programs. If you wish to participate in a field course in the future, we reccomend that you begin now with the courses/exams, so that you are ready when the time comes for the field trips.

If you already finished the four courses/exams, and apply for the field courses now, you will be put in a waiting list for the time being. More information will follow, if we are allowed to arrange the trips.